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x Kaufland

Social Media

Build communication strategy for a retail brand in social media in order to increase reach, engagement and traffic to the brand site

#socialmedia #strategy #communication #influencers

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x Volvo

Road to success

Lead generation based on Google Ads campaigns with various advertising formats.

#GoogleAds #YouTube #leadgeneration

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x Smartney


Smartney - How we designed a fully intuitive online loan process and taught people how to live more smartly.

#www #UI #UX

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x Orange

My Orange app

Performance-based media campaign encouraging users to download the app. Solutions driven by deep understanding of consumer journey, mobile trends and users needs.

#performance #GoogleAds #APP

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x Danone

Hunger dread

Shopper Activation based on Augmented Reality effect, where discount coupons for retail partner were given in Danio Chatbot.

#shopper #messenger #AR

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x Somersby

Everyday twist

Communication concept for whole range of Somersby beer drinks with a special focus on Somersby Watermelon launch. Full roll out of „Everyday Twist” idea: social media, www, digital campaign, influencer marketing, outdoor, POSM, events.

#socialmedia #landingpage #digital #influencermarketing #outdoor #POSM #events

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Zofia Mozga

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Tomasz Kufera

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