Social Media Always-On


Build communication strategy for a retail brand in social media in order to increase reach, engagement and traffic to the brand site.


How to communicate effectively the offer to the consumer who has been bombarded with competitive messages every second? How to involve Kaufland consumers into brand activities in social media?


Creating thecommunication strategy

for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Providingthe content

focused on building brand awareness and message memorability through social media channels.


supporting crucial Client’s projects with increasing-in-use solutions, such as Instagram Stories, bots and AR.

The aim of these is to deliver the message in a unique, memorable way and check the effectiveness of the novelty. Gained effects allow us to choose the most prospective elements on brand communication and support them in future.

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Every daynew publications

to promote offer in distinguished yet consistent way, engage consumers by life style content and build traffic to the promo folders on the brand website.

Every daycontact

with consumers via Messenger, comments and reactions.

Every daymedia support

deliver KPIs.


Małgorzata Michalska, Nikola Jaruga, Agnieszka Królak, Bartłomiej Brzoskowski, Filip Pisarski, Magdalena Samborska, Anna Chmielińska

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