.Road to success

Brand situation

  • The coronavirus pandemic caused a drop in interest in buying new cars.
  • Our Client, a local car dealer, facing diminished prospects had to convince clients to try out a new model of high-class car available in his dealership.


Generate maximum number of registrations for a test drive


How to encourage customers to choose a specific, local car dealer and convince them to book a test drive?


Google Ads campaign with static and dynamic formats, notably

non-skippable YouTube bumpers.

Used attribution models and users’ activity monitoring allowed us to accurately determine effectiveness of each format and message in order to deliver

attractive leads
which were turned into test drives

Volvo mobile



average conversion increase


average CTR

3 700

leads in the campaign*

*January 2020-May 2020


Izabela Galas, Adrianna Kubisiak, Katarzyna Żakieta, Anna Chmielińska, Jakub Bartosiak, Natan Jabłoński, Arkadiusz Śliwiński, Anna Kawecka

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