.How We Designed Smartney.pl


  1. 1. Create an intuitive & fully online credit process
  2. 2. Shift into cutting edge design
  3. 3. End up with a light front-end system


The brand goal was to give customers a simple loaning system... which will be 100% online (without additional offline documents flow common in this business).

What is

Smartney is a new player
in Polish online banking.

It is a startup company created by Oney Banking Group.


Team who took the challenge

We knew that for such a project we need real teamwork and a knowledge-based approach. Together with the client, we created the team with core competencies:

Team people




A UX designer experienced in online banking & leading UX research studio... ...joined by a UI designer who transfered sketches into game-changing but intuitive web design... … and front-end developers team that adapted the project into a sequence architecture website.

How we structured
our work?

Structured work Structured work


GOAL: discover our final users


GOAL: clear the process

UI Design

GOAL: add creativity and freshness to the process

Prototypes & Research

GOAL: confront the UI with
real users


GOAL: create final product

Wireframes vs UI

Why we created wireframes & prototypes?

Wireframes provided the knowledge and specified the whole process. They were the base for UI with all the necessary elements set and tested on wireframes. Designers could focus on the visual part because the process was well defined.

Smartney.pl - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2


UI Design

Smartney.pl - wireframes - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2
Smartney.pl - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2
Smartney.pl - wireframes - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2
Smartney.pl - UI design - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2


UI Design

Smartney.pl - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2
Smartney.pl - UI design - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2

Mobile First Design

To meet trends and
growing mobile traffic

in 2016 more than 50% of traffic was mobile and its share is still growing, we chose Mobile-First approach during the design process.

These numbers were verified by users,
reaching over 70% mobile users until end of 2019.

Smartney.pl - Projekt Mobile-First - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2

Bringing UI to life

Front-end is designed to be flexible and adaptable to browser viewports.

It gives users fully responsive design regardless of the browser.

Smartney.pl - UI design - case study | altavia.kamikaze + K2

External integrations

Modern banking does not exist without external solutions.

Our goal was to implement identification tools or Device Fingerprint solutions into the process as smoothly as possible to provide best user experience.


Implementation of 30 methods based on c-url for the whole project.


Implementation of 2 identification tools to confirm users identity: BlueMedia and Kontomatik.


Implementation of 2 tools evaluating users credibility based on Device Fingerprint mechanism.



Izabela Hille, Tomasz Kufera, Jędrzej Marciniak, Michał Sokalski, Rafał Feręc, Tomasz Wesołek, Krystian Trepczyński, Arek Śliwiński

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