Since 2006 we plan, design and put into practice e-marketing campaigns
for remarkable international and domestic brands.

Over the last decade, the setting in which we operate has changed
beyond recognition and these changes never stop.
The challenges that marketers face today are incomparably more complex than ever before.
Openness to change is embedded deeply in our digital DNA.

In Kamikaze we like change, and we believe change will bring new opportunities
to us and more importantly to our clients. Only two things stay the same: Our belief in the power of good design
and our attention to detail.


Kamikaze joins Altavia


Last year we joined Altavia, the first international & independent communication group, dedicated to retail.
We have been developing in a strategic-creative agency direction with broad competences and offering for a few years. Combining this with the unique knowledge on customer behaviour and retail of Altavia Group, we create a complex customer-oriented offer for both retailers and leading brands.


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